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Tangle Toy

Tangle Toy, stress reliever. Official Tangle Puzzle. Plastic Stress Relieving Puzzle. 18 Section Tangle. 1 segment contains the Tangle trademark. 8 colours held in UK stock for quick turnaround time. Printed in 1 colour to 4 segments.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Bespoke Playing Cards

Bespoke Playing Card Pack. Full Set of Bespoke Playing Card Pack. Digital Print to Cards. 300g Playing Card. 62x88mm. Supplied in Bespoke Card Box. Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks. Minimum Quantity: 100.

Tel: 01483 459 310

AIR PUCK Mini Zip Frisbee

Great for outdoor fun and events. Perfect summer promotional item. Silicone disc mini frisbee. Size: 64mm diameter, 12mm thick. weight: 25g 6 standard colours available. Pantone matched from 1000.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Rotating Puzzle Cube

Puzzle Cube. Speedcube. Digitally printed to each panel on all 6 sides. Size: 5.7 cm x 5.7cm x 5.7cm. The rotating puzzle cube is great of office, fun or puzzle related promotions. Can be made with either black plastic or white plastic.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Bespoke Tangle

Bespoke Tangle Toy. Made to clients pantone reference. 18 segments can be split over 3 colours and printed up to 17 segments. Official Tangle Puzzle. 18 Section Tangle. 1 segment contains the Tangle trademark. Print size 17mm x 3mm per segment.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Elastic Cube

Elastic Cube. Designed as an alternative to the standard puzzle cube. The cube unwinds on an elasticated band which offers a unique and fun challenge. Printed digitally to each segment onto all 6 sides. Standard size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

Tel: 01483 459 310

Yo Yo

High Quality Light up Yo Yo. The Yo Yo is still a classic and well received item. Held in uk stock for a fast turnaround. Blue, Green, Clear, Yellow and Red are stocked. Printed up to a digital print. LED light up when suspended on clutch.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Foldable Frisbee

Foldable Frisbee. Made from nylon and supplied in a pouch. As standard printed up to 4 spot colours to frisbee and pouch. Colour matched frisbee, trim and pouch. Size: 24.5cm diameter when opened. Ideal item for summer promotions.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Wooden Stacking Blocks (Jenga)

Stacking Blocks Supplied in Digital Branded Box. Jenga Style 54 Piece Wood Set. 75x25x15mm Per Block.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Silicone Snap Band

Silicone Snap Band. Perfect for events. Using these Silicone Snap bands as a wrist band for any events. Print Specification is up to 2 Spot colour or digital print. Size: 21.4cm x 2.5cm. MOQ is 500.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Kids Silicone Snap Band

Kids Silicone Snap Band. Perfect for personalised gifts for your kids. Print Specification is up to 2 Spot colour or a digital print. Size: 160 x 20mm. MOQ is 500.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Magic Cube

Magic Cube. The magic cube is great for office and personalised gifts. The cube rotates in multiple of different ways. Digitally printed on a sticker on each panel. Size 7cm x 7cm x 7cm. MOQ is 500.

LCD Writing Tablet

LCD WRITING TABLET. Ultra Thin LCD Writing Board. Perfect for doodling or business notes. 8.5 inch LCD display that disappears at the click of a button. Supplied with batteries and stylus pen.

Tel: 01483 459 310