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Pocket Kite

Pocket Kite. Mini Kite supplied in pouch. Colour matched material as standard. Can be printed from 1 colour up to a digital print. Printed to kite and pouch. Nylon material offering flight in force 2-6. Kite Size: 47cm x75cm. Pouch Size: 9cm x 5cm.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Mini Sky Diamond Kite

Mini Sky Diamond Kite. Classic shape mini kite. Size: 25cm x 27cm. Made from durable nylon with fibreglass pole. Supplied with instructions. Colour matched material. Can be printed from 1 colour up to a digital print. A great summer giveaway.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Delta Kite

Delta Kite. Modern arrow shaped design allowing for flight in the lightest winds. Nylon material with fibreglass frame. Size: 100cm x 50cm. Colour matched material. Ideal for beach and summer related promotions. Supplied with instructions.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Sky Diamond Kite

Sky Diamond Kite. Classic diamond shape allowing for easy assembly and offering a large print area. Made from colour matched material. Supplied with instructions. Size: 60cm x 70cm. Material: Nylon with fibreglass frame. 40m single line.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Stunt Kite

Stunt Kite. Popular sports stunt kite. Instructions included to assist with flight and assembly. Size: 120cm x 55cm. Ripstop nylon material with a fibreglass frame. Supplied in printed nylon pouch. Colour matched material. Perfect high end summer gift.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Parafoil Kite

Parafoil Stunt Kite. Nylon kite with large print area. Size: 120cm x 55cm. Supplied with 2 handles and line. Colour matched material and printed from 1 colour up to a digital print. Supplied in nylon pouch. A great giveaway during the summer months.

Tel: 01483 459 310