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Mini Cricket Bat

Minature 12 inch wooden cricket bat. Best selling cricket related product. Made from wood with a black rubber grip. Can be branded with a print, sticker or engraving. Hand made and held in UK stock.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Cricket Bat Keyring

Mini Wooden Cricket Bat Keyring with metal keychain. Can be branded with a print, a sticker or engraving. Cost effective cricket related promotional item. Size of bat is 5cm in length with a black grip.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Cricket Ball Keyring

Mini Cricket Ball Keyring with metal keychain. Hand made in leather with genuine stitching. The ball can be printed or engraved. The ball has a 5cm diameter. Please enquire for more information.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Full Size Cricket Ball

Full Size Cricket Ball, crafted from genuine leather with authentic stitching. This match-weight promotional cricket ball is a highly regarded gift. Weighing 150g, it offers a realistic playing experience. Please note that the lead time is subject to stock availability. This cricket ball is hand-made and can be customized through printing or engraving to make it a truly memorable gift or promotional item.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Mini Cricket Stumps

Miniature Wooden Cricket Stumps. 3 Stumps with glued bails, set on a wooden block which can be branded up to 1 colour. 20cm in Height. A popular promotion for cricket related dinners, or can be used as an award.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Mini Cricket Ball

Miniature leather cricket ball. 5cm Diameter - Hand made leather with real stitching for authentic look and feel. Great as a giveaway at a cricket event. Can be printed or engraved. Held in UK stock. Lead time subject to stock.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Plastic Cricket Set

Plastic Cricket Set available in a variety of colours. Set consists of 2x Bats, 1x Stumps and bails, 1x PVC Ball. Supplied in a black carry case. Branding available. Great for cricket training or fun. Made to order.

Tel: 01483 459 310

PVC Cricket Ball

PVC training Cricket Ball. Soft 90g cricket ball perfect for training or for children to use. The ball can be colour matched and printed to both sides. The ball has moulded stitching which can also be colour matched.

Tel: 01483 459 310

Full Size Cricket Bat

Full Size Promotional Cricket Bat, meticulously handcrafted in India and featuring a comfortable rubber grip. This full-size cricket bat is a top-tier choice for high-end giveaways or as a prestigious award. It can be customized with a sticker, print, or engraving to reflect your branding or recognition message. Elevate your cricket-related promotions or awards with this premium cricket bat!

Tel: 01483 459 310